Who We Are

We are a learner centered agency committed to connecting your learners with the skills and knowledge required to become more competent while achieving a better life experience

Focused on adult learning principles and always reaching for evidence based learning that leads to greater conscious awareness.




With a mix of instructional design, visual elements, interactivity, and focused direction to bring learners to the knowledge and skills they need in a virtual setting.  content can be developed specifically for both stationary  or mobile using a fully responsive mobile lesson plan.

Training Delivery

Delivery Facilitation

Do you need someone to help deliver your material for you? Often times having a third party gives the learner a sense of novelty or authority that allows them to accept the information more readily, or a place to send their frustrations away from familiar faces.  Let us be your messenger, we don’t mind the firing line.

Training Packages

Training Packages

Full development for instructional materials that inspire and engage the learner. We will help you create and deliver all of your materials that will raise the level of education for your learners, and through guided participation, the instructor as well.

Webinars & Worksops

Workshops & Webinars

We can turn your one-off lessons into dynamic and engaging webinars and workshops. Or break your lessons up into smaller series to garner engagement. We will walk you through the use of the latest technologies and systems.

If it has to do with learning – we deliver.
Connecting you, your learners and knowledge together. 

LMS & Web Development

Web Development for Learning

Have your learning available anywhere in the world through dynamic information design. Either through a hosted LMS or your own website that gives you total control. We can assist in administration, set-up, training, or any need to get your learning presence online.


Whether you need materials with advanced resources, striking design, a professional content, or depth of knowledge, it’s all included. Best of all, everything is ready right from the start.

Easy to Use

We build responsive websites and give you the tools to manage and deliver your content quickly and easily.

Any Need Delivered

We can create any type of website. Be it a  shop, blog, agency, business. We help you create a stunning presence..

A Digital Learning Agency


We launch experiences for every need.


We believe that learning should be clear and simple. We believe in teaching to the learner. We believe in guiding toward the goal.

Knowledge, wisdom and practice lead to understanding.

A team of strategists, designers, engineers, writers, producers, code artists and filmmakers.


Tyler Ittai Anthony
owner | designer


Ashley Anthony
owner | writer


Atmananda Das
business development


Geoff Prather
videographer | writer


Pete Lee
webinar specialist


Cleve McMillan
ux | ui